Marissa Galle

RANA: The secret why my hair is so big!
8.12.2017 by Marissa Galle

As everyone knows I’m a big fan of RANA hair extensions. I had to live a week without because of my hairdresser, Toni Kalin, gave me a total hair makeover en bleached my hair. It’s possible in combination with the hair extensions to color your hair, I did it before but it was just the moment to change to new extensions so I used the opportunity to refresh my color. Read more…


Rana Hair Extensions
12.12.2016 by An-Katrien

A good month ago, I went to Rana Hair Extensions for my very first hair extensions. I wanted to try out extensions a while ago, because my hair has really suffered from coloring last winter. I lost a lot of hair back then. I didn’t really want more length, but I did want more volume. Read more…

Elke Sockeel

Hair Extensions: 7 Myths Cleared Up
9.12.2017 by Elke Sockeel

Hey guys! I’m back being a little bit wiser about a certain beauty trend that’s been trending everywhere on Instagram lately. Exact 4 months ago I posted a picture of a slightly different new hair do. Read more…