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At RANA you are always welcome for a FREE Consultation. Just for information or specifically looking at which hair extensions or hairpieces are most suitable for you. Our Hair Experts advise you without obligation about all possibilities, colors, systems and products.

Often one does not know what possibilities there are, what the best colors are, which systems, what a wig or hair piece can do for you and what the price of it is. That is why we offer a completely free and FREE Consultation: Personal advice and an answer to all your questions.

In overleg met een van onze HaarExperts bespreken we wat je wensen zijn, welk systeem en hoeveel extensions er nodig zijn om het gewenste resultaat te krijgen, of welk haarwerk daar het beste bij past.

Zowel bij het plaatsen van de hairextensions alsook met het bespreken van een haarwerk houden we rekening met de vorm van het hoofd, de natuurlijke haargroei en de kwaliteit van het eigen haar.

Dit is bij iedereen anders, daardoor is het plaatsen van hairextensions of het bepalen van een haarwerk altijd maatwerk.

After we have discussed the system or hairwork we will discuss the color of the extensions or the hairpiece. Do you want to keep your own hair color, or do you immediately go for a completely new look? Everything is possible. The art of placing hair extensions, or determining the right hair piece, is that no one sees that you are wearing it. We often work with different color nuances to create a natural effect, which seamless connects with your own hair.
Our extensions are available in multiple lengths. We have a stock from 30 cm up to 55 cm. We can even order up to 70 and 80 cm especially for you. Of course, the extensions are all nicely trimmed when they are used.

There are also a lot of possibilities in the hairpieces, from spicy short haircuts to beautiful long locks.

We work with no less than 7 different systems of extensions!


For hairpieces and wigs, multiple solutions are possible.


After professional placement of your hair extensions, or the purchase of a hair or wig, it is very important that you take care of them at home in the right way and with the right products.

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You can visit us during the RANA Concept Store opening hours for your purchases. However, if you want personal advice, you can make an appointment for this. One of our Hair Experts will then free up the time for you and help you choose the right products and colors.

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