Only the best is good enough

In our Studio we exclusively work with the RANA hair extensions. The reason for this is quite simple: our extensions are of the very best quality. And you’ll notice it with everything!! Through years of experience and working with many other brands, we can truly say that the hair extensions of RANA are simply the best.

The RANA hair extensions are of the
best quality and which you’ll notice with everything!!

Hair extensions are available in many types, lengths and systems. But especially the difference in the quality of the hair is very important. The experts at RANA will tell you all about it. But it is even better if you experience it yourself in our Studio or ask one of our many customers about their experiences with RANA.



For long-term & amp; beautiful hair

These wax extensions are often also called keratin, waxes or burn-in. The classic, but still the most chosen Hair Extension system. Made of 100% real hair of the best quality.

The Invisilocks system not only provides beautiful hair, but is also easy to use. The special Invisilocks waxes are melted by means of a heat sink so that it attaches to your own hair. The question that usually comes: “Is that harmful to your own hair?”. No not at all!! If you work with the best extensions, it is used in the right way, is well maintained and professional is removed, you will not experience any problems.

Thanks to the RANA Invisilocks, there is the possibility to create both more length and / or more volume. This way you get the beautiful hair of your dreams!

  • stays for months
  • is best fixed
  • hardly to no loss
  • the most used system
  • many different colors
  • not harmful to your own hair


Super Beautiful & amp; Reusable

This system is easy to use and very versatile, and is often also called pearls or microrings. Easy to reposition or remove without liquid or adhesive residue. You can also reuse the StickTip hair extensions several times.

The RANA StickTip hair extensions are loose strands of hair with a miniscule rolled up tip. These hair extensions are simple and can be attached without heat tongs by means of loose micro rings and can be reused several times. The extensions have to be replaced on average every two months. We do this by taking them out professionally and then placing them back with new rings. This way you can extend your hair, give more volume and even add highlights.
  • to be reused several times
  • are attached without wax or glue
  • create highlights and lowlights
  • many different colors
  • not harmful to your own hair

Perfect Wefts

Voluminous, Lang & amp; Many possibilities

Beautiful hair consisting of one piece. Can be used with MicroRings, sewn in, clips or as iFLIP. This is often also called bands or hair weaves or hair wefts.

The Perfect Wefts are made mechanically, so they are always perfect. You can reuse these wefts several times when they are placed with rings or sewn. On average they must then be reinstated every two months. This system is also ideal for a quick hair addition to get more volume in your own hair.

These tires can be attached in different ways, including:

  • MicroRings
  • Weaving (sewing)
  • Clips (clip-in extensions)
  • Flip-in (nylon thread)
  • Keratine wax
  • placed faster

  • reusable several times

  • many uses

  • not harmful to your own hair

“One word: Woow. This is how I feel with a beautiful new head of hair”

Myrte from Lier

Quick & Easy

ideal for thin hair and sides

These are our Tape Extensions. You can have voluminous or long hair in a fast and easy way. Also perfect to create beautiful color shades.

The own hair is manually woven through the extensions and attached with a specially developed tape. This way your own hair can grow together with the extensions. After six weeks we ask you to have the extensions checked and the tape replaced. They are then replaced, so that they are as new again. As a result, you enjoy your dream hairstyle for a long time!

This is also an ideal system for ladies with fine hair.

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  • ideal for fine hair

  • quick and easy to place

  • to be reused several times

  • beautiful shades of color without dyeing your own hair

  • no damage to your own hair

iClip Extensions

Wonderful, practical and super fast

Our iClip Extensions is a Full Head Clip-in set, consisting of 8 separate pieces. This is the perfect way to create long and full hair, in no time! In a few minutes you have a beautiful length and super volume which you can easily use.

With these Clip-In hair extensions you can create a beautiful hairstyle yourself when you want. The clips are specially designed so that your extensions stay in place. This gives you a sure and comfortable feeling throughout the day and night. Many customers choose the SuperStars if they do not want permanent extensions, do not want to wear it daily, but go for quality.

Unlike most other available clip-in extensions, the SuperStars are made of high quality 100% real hair. As you are used to from RANA !!

  • quick and easy to use yourself

  • wear when you want it

  • perfect quality Clip-ins of 100% real hair

  • for occasions and parties

  • and for the most beautiful wedding hairstyles

  • not harmful to your own hair

iFlip System

Long and voluminous hair in 1 minute

With the RANA iFlip system you have an extension and more volume in your own hair super fast. Put it in or out of your hair whenever you want. Simple, fast and without clips, glue, wax, rings, stitching, etc. Simply with an invisible thread!!

This way you can change your look in a simple way. The iFlip system consists of a wide band from ear to ear that can be worn over the head with a special nylon thread. It is applied between the hair so that it does not stand out and is mainly invisible. In this way you can enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

Come quickly to try one of them !!

  • deployed within one minute

  • is not attached to your own hair

  • wear when you feel like it

  • a different look quickly and easily

  • not harmful to your own hair

We work exclusively with the best products and highest quality!

Always a wonderful result and no damage to your own hair.