Care advice

Because only the best is good enough

After having your hair extensions professionally placed, it’s very important that you take care of them at home in the right way and with the right products.

This prevents problems such as dry hair, dull hair and tangle formation. In addition, your hair extensions also last much longer. The caring of your hair extensions is therefore very important. To give you an idea of which products are suitable for this, follow all the information here.

All products from the RANA Hair Care series have the highest quality standards and consist of the best selected ingredients. Through years of experience, research and expertise, this innovative product line has been developed for the optimal care of both long (er) hair and hair extensions.

Which care products should I use for hair extensions?

For all hair extensions, we recommend the products of RANA Care. We have extensively tested everything ourselves and we continue to monitor this continuously.

ATTENTION: If you decide to use other care products than recommended by us, you may of course. Unfortunately, the warranty on the hair extensions will be canceled.

Why the brand RANA-care?

RANA contains silk and pearl extracts which feed and protect the hair very well. Moreover, the products of RANA have a wonderful fragrance !! Also, the hair care products of RANA do not affect the Invisilocks bonds (waxes). When using wrong products, these can start to crumble and thereby crumble.

In addition, all products are:


“Hey Hey! First of all I want to say that I am still very happy with the result!!”

– Britt from Lebbeke (3 moeths after)

Which shampoo and conditioner should I use with my extensions?

We recommend the RANA Silky Shampoo and RANA Conditioner Complex. They give the hair shine and keep it silky smooth and easy to comb. This line has a gentle cleansing effect. It is also free of alcohol, parabens and silicones which is of course much better to take care of the hair. Because of the elastin it provides lint-free hair and a shiny result.

Do I have to use more products than just the shampoo and conditioner?

Yes!! We recommend to use a mask regularly. The best mask is the RANA Majestic Mask, which also goes perfectly with the RANA Silky Shampoo and RANA Conditioner Complex.

Can I use any hairbrush?

No, it is certainly not advisable to just use any brush. The hair extensions are best brushed with the RANA Detangler. This brushes like no other brush through your hair. It ensures a painless comb turn. The breaking of the hair is also minimized and the hair feels healthy. Always brush your hair extensions from the bottom (the tips) upwards.

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