Our working method

If you just want to get information about which hair extensions are the best for you, you’re always welcome at RANA for a FREE CONSULTATION!! Our Hair Experts will discuss all possibilities, colors, systems and structures together with you. And of course what your wishes are. The proper placement of hair extensions is in fact different from person to person and always 100% customization. Together with you we get closer to the perfect end result. Every woman is different, has different hair, a different shape of the head, different wishes, etc.

“from woman to vamp”

Professional advice. free and completely free of obligation

Step 1: Free Consultation

  • A FREE CONSULTATION, completely free of obligation!!

  • Clarity in advance: which system, which brand, which color (s), and of course what price

  • Schedule appointment or place immediately

Step 2. Treatments in advance

  • Pre-Extension Treatment where your own hair is washed and dried in a special way. This is for better adhesion.

  • Other treatments that you have on your wishlist. Think about hair coloring, balayage, an intensive care cure for your own hair, cutting tips of your own hair, etc.

Gratis Consult en Vooraf
Plaatsing & Afwerking

Step 3. The placing

  • If desired, we start with the perfect pre-treatment for placing the extensions
  • Professional placement of the chosen hair extension system by one of our specialists

Step 4. Beautiful Finish

  • Beautiful finish by cutting the extensions so that they are perfectly adapted to your own hair

Step 5. Styling & Finishing

  • Perfect styling to your liking … style, curls, beach-waves

Step 6. Check-up & Guarantee

  • Extensive maintenance and care advice on how to best treat your extensions at home

  • Make an appointment for a free check-up after four weeks
Finishing & Check-up

Go out with a big smile

that is exactly what we want for every customer

Pay attention! Unfortunately it’s possible that extensions cannot be placed or that certain colour techniques are not possible.

The causes of this are, for example: frequent hair loss, the use of medication, poor quality of the hair or pregnancy. Our specialists will be honest at all times and inform you about this. We will therefore never dye or place hair extensions if this won’t give that beautiful result, or if there are other valid reasons for not doing so.

Curious about what our Hair Specialists will advise for you?!

make an appointment for a free consultation immediately!