For Hair Extensions, you go to the Specialist

Professional advice from hair experts

You’ll be clearly explained which brands and systems there are. And which of these best suits your wishes and hair type. We also look at color options, the amount of extensions that are needed and what the total price will be. If you decide to have the hair extensions in our Studio, we will immediately schedule an appointment for you.

This is usually within a few days, but often the hair extensions can be placed on the same day. So you do not have to come visit twice. We have a large stock that we can use directly. Please contact us first!!

The Perfect Haircolor

The right colors make a big difference.

With the right color or mix of colors, we ensure a seamless transition from your own hair to the extensions. This is not visible.

RANA has a very large range of colors, which almost always matches perfectly. Sometimes it may be that we still have to color, for example because the hair can use a freshening up or because the outgrowth needs to be colored. In some cases we also need to color the extensions, for example in special red or gray shades. This way the most beautiful metamorphoses can be created exactly as you wish!

All of this is perfectly possible thanks to the expertise of our color and hair extension experts, who work with the combination of colorings and extensions every day. We also work with Olaplex. To prevent hair breakage, to restore your own hair deeper and for a beautiful and healthy result


Pure customization

How much do I need?

That is different per person.
100% customization!

The amount of extensions someone needs is very different per person. It depends on which system is used and what type of hair you own. This is always customized and will be viewed and discussed per person. Of course, your wishes will always be taken into account.

If you have fine (thin) hair, then the amount of extensions needed is significantly less than someone with a full bunch of hair. This person needs a lot of hair extensions in order to keep the difference of their own hair and the length that comes with it as much as possible.

You won’t have a beautiful result if not enough extensions are placed. You can clearly see the transition from the own hair to the extensions. And that’s not the intention. This page shows the guidelines of the amount of extensions you need.

Your hair extensions in perfect condition

RANA HAIR CARE, Because only the best is good enough

After having your hair extensions professionally placed, it’s very important that you take care of them at home in the right way and with the right products.

This prevents problems such as dry hair, dull hair and tangle formation. In addition, your hair extensions also last much longer. The caring of your hair extensions is therefore very important. To give you an idea of which products are suitable for this, follow all the information here.

All products from the RANA Hair Care series have the highest quality standards and consist of the best selected ingredients. Through years of experience, research and expertise, this innovative product line has been developed for the optimal care of both long (er) hair and hair extensions.


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