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In the Studio of RANA, our Hair Extension Specialists work with more than 20 years experience in hairdressing and working with extensions. Hair extensions are available in many types, sizes and systems. But especially the difference in quality is extremely important. The experts at RANA can tell you all about it. Specialism, Advice, Explanation, Care and Professionalism are our keywords.

Because each head is different and everyone has different hair – thick, fine, long, short – the placement of extensions is always handmade. Both the system that we are going to use, but also the length and quantity are different for everyone. That’s why it’s so important to have your extensions placed by real hair extension specialists. This way you can be sure that it is done professionally, it is not visible, does not damage your own hair and the end result is beautiful

Which system is actually the best?

We get this question very often, but there is not one best system. It is always custom work. For every woman we have the best system, so also for you! Do you want to know what’s the best solution for you? Come visit us for a FREE consultation !!

In our Studio we work with no less than 7 different systems. So for everyone we have the perfect hair extensions method:

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Always the best solution for you!

It is very important to go to a Hairextension Specialist who masters all systems and techniques. When using the right system for the right hair type, placing extensions is NOT HARMFUL FOR YOUR OWN HAIR!!

not every system is suitable for every customer
that’s why we have so much choice and possibilities with rana

You now also have the opportunity to have long, natural, strong, healthy and shiny hair. With a lot of volume and full of vitality. Thanks to the hair extensions of RANA you can easily get more volume and / or length in no time. And all that in a fantastic quality and indistinguishable from your own hair. Make an appointment for a Free Consult now and see for yourself what RANA can do for you!

“Very good service and professionalism! Perfect!”

Kim from Mechelen


From beautiful creations to a super beautiful natural look

With the hair extensions of RANA you can make beautiful creations. But you are also at the right address for a super-natural look. Many people still think too many, too fake or too long hair when thinking about hair extensions.

But we do not participate. And of course and invisible result, that is what we always go for. Fortunately, variations are possible and in a very natural way. Because the art of making hair extensions is precisely that no one sees you wearing them. And that is exactly what you want … and so are we!

You have the correct length (carré, medium or long) but you would like some fuller hair

You would like (much) more length than you currently have. This can vary from shoulder length to bottom of the back.

Yes, that is certainly possible too. Super nice, very natural and a WOW effect.

You want a glamorous movie star look.

You want colors, ombré, sombré … and that without having to color your own hair.

You want a nice updo, but your own hair is just too fine or too short for that.

You want a glamorous movie star look.

You want this special day to be the shining centerpiece, with beautiful hair.

Come by and discuss what will be the best for you !!

Curious about what we can do for you?