Hairworks & Wigs

Help, my hair!

Hair is sometimes – together with the skin – called “the mirror of our body”. Hair loss can be the result of a physical or psychological ailment, and conversely, problems with the hair or hair growth can lead to serious mental problems, and even to depressions

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Hair solutions

A suitable solution for every hair problem. At RANA only real Hair Specialists work with a listening ear. Because often many years have preceded in which everything has been tried, with great influence on daily life…

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Especially for Gentlemen

Many different options for men. A dripping hairline. You do not like it, you do not feel comfortable with it. It sometimes makes you insecure. That is no longer necessary!

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Maintenance & amp; Care

The proper maintenance of your hairwork ensures maximum wearing pleasure. At RANA you get all the explanation. And you can also have it done with us …

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Our Working Method

Step by step, we work with you to the perfect solution. That is how we work. From an informal and informative talk to the ideal hair solution that suits you and that you feel good about..

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Reimbursement by your health insurance fund. If you purchase your hair prosthesis, wig or hair at RANA, you may be entitled to a reimbursement of your health insurance. Or even a full refund ….

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A pricelist of the Hair Works and Wigs:

  • Standard & amp; Confection
  • 100% Customization
  • Maintenance & Care
  • Headgear
  • Subscriptions
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