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Different possibilities

A suitable solution for every hair problem

At RANA, only real Hair Specialists work with a listening ear. Because often many years have preceded in which everything has been tried, with great influence on daily life. The threshold to come may therefore be high.

That’s why we first let you tell your story while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. In this way, together we ensure that the first tension is gone and you are comfortable. The experts at RANA are there for you … Advice, Explanation, Care and Professionality are therefore always our keywords. We are ready for you!!

Because everyone is different and also has a different hair problem, choosing a hair piece is always tailor-made. Both the degree of hair loss, but also the desire for length and quantity is different for everyone. That is why you are in good hands with us !. This way you can be sure that you are professionally helped, it is not visible, with a beautiful end result!

A Top piece is a supplement to your own hair, also called “hair supplement”. This exists in different forms. This gives volume exactly where you need it. Ideal for local hair loss, temporary or permanent. All Top pieces are cut and styled on your own hair and colored if necessary

This is comparable to a top piece but slightly larger. This not only gives extra volume, but also length to your hair. The Hairpiece offers the ideal solution for thinning hair, damaged hair or falling hair. All Hairpieces are cut and styled on your own hair and colored if necessary.

Hairwork, wig or hair prosthesis. Three different names for basically one and the same product. These all have a natural look, high wearing comfort and an optimal fit. The quality is second to none and is distinguished by a few unique features: feather light, hand knotted, monofilament, invisible lace front, velvety feel and natural colors. Because of our large assortment we can help you quickly and professionally. Every hair piece is cut, styled and colored if necessary.

A turban is a soft hat, especially for women with hair loss or baldness through chemotherapy or alopecia. Ideally for the first signs of hair loss but also an alternative to a hair piece if you want to wear something on your head, such as at home, on the road or for sleeping.

Everything is Possible

If you go for a hair supplement, there are three categories that you can choose from. The choice for one or the other often has to do with the budget, the wishes and the delivery time. Of course, our Hair Experts always help you make the right choice and select the best solution for you.

Confection hairpieces are standard hairpieces that are available very quickly. Usually within 1 to 2 working days. This can be 100% real hair or synthetic. Here you can only choose between existing hair colors.

These are confection hairpieces that are then adjusted to size, model and color. The ready-to-wear (standard) hairpieces are often available quickly, 1 to 3 working days. This can be 100% real hair or synthetic. Here you can choose between existing hair colors, but if it really concerns hair, this can be perfectly colored if necessary.

A hairpiece completely and tailor-made for you. This has a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks on average. We always use 100% real quality hair for this. It is completely measured on your head, your natural hair growth and your wishes. And the color is also perfectly matched to your own hair color.

Five Types of Hair

We often hear from new customers that they do not want “fake hair”. By this they mean synthetic hair. But nowadays there are synthetic hair fibers that are sometimes better and more durable than real hair. It is different for each person what the optimal choice is for this.

Real hair has a more natural finish and is longer in life. Especially for long hair, a real hair wig is much nicer and looks less coagulated. You also have a lot more the “real hair feeling”. It looks identical to your own hair because of the hair texture and the adjusted cut. You can also use the styling tools to edit the hair, just like your own hair. The real-hair wigs are generally slightly more expensive to purchase and the maintenance should always be done with us.

Synthetic hair is visually almost indistinguishable from real hair today. The lifespan is a maximum of 1 year. It is slightly more coagulated and mainly suitable for shorter haircuts. It easily retains its model but can not be edited using styling tools (heat). Synthetic hair is slightly easier to maintain and cheaper to purchase.

Comfort Hair is a developed synthetic fiber and therefore falls within the group of synthetic hair. But in the top segment. It looks and feels very natural. Very nice with short models and also very suitable for men. This is only manufactured in customization. The hair dentures of Comfort Hair are very easy to maintain. The purchase price is slightly higher than the “normal” synthetic hair.

Elite Hair falls in the same group as Cyber Hair, but especially for the somewhat longer models. Ideal for female hairstyles. This is also only manufactured in customization. Very easy to maintain, also slightly higher in purchase price than synthetic hair, but with a very nice and natural result.

The Perfect Hair blend is made from a blend of high quality real hair and an innovative synthetic fiber (high heat fiber). This combination gives you an end result that offers the best of both types of hair. You can perfectly Perfect Hair styles with a hair straightener or a curling iron, and it is also perfect to maintain. You guessed where the name PERFECT Hair comes from.

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