If you purchase your hair prosthesis, wig or hair at RANA, you may be entitled to a reimbursement of your health insurance. Or even a full refund. The amount of this amount depends on the health insurance you are insured and whether there are additional insurances, such as hospitalisation insurance. The basic reimbursement is different for each health insurance company.

It is advisable to contact your health insurance provider in advance to know exactly what amount you can get back.

To be eligible for a full benefit to your health insurance fund:

  • The Invoice You get this from us when you buy your wig, hair prosthesis or hairpiece. You must then deliver the original invoice to your health insurance fund.
  • The Application Form. You will receive a prescription from the doctor / dermatologist where you are being treated for a wig, hairpiece or hair prosthesis. This applies as an application form and must be fully completed.

Did you know?

You are entitled to an allowance after two years


In case of baldness by chemo- or radiotherapy, you are again entitled to an allowance for a hair prosthesis. The condition is that a new chemotherapy or radiotherapy was started with complete baldness as a result.

Your insurance company can
tell exactly what you are entitled to