Terms and Conditions


1.1 The trade name RANA, and the websites studio.ranahair.be, www.ranahair.be, www.ranahair.nl and www.ranahair.com are part of YALEMY bvba (hereinafter: RANA).

1.2 These general terms and conditions (hereafter: conditions) apply to all offers, orders and agreements of RANA.

1.3 Accepting an offer or placing an order means that the buyer accepts the applicability of the general terms and conditions applicable at that time.

1.4 The Terms and Conditions can be changed by RANA at any time.

1.5 The provisions in these conditions can only be deviated from after written approval by RANA, in which case the other provisions remain in full force.

1.6 All rights and claims, as in these conditions, and in any further agreements on behalf of RANA are stipulated, are also stipulated for the benefit of intermediaries and other third parties engaged by RANA.


2.1 All offers from RANA are without obligation and RANA reserves the right to change the prices.

2.2 RANA reserves the right at all times to change packaging, content of packaging, models and colors.

2.3 An agreement only comes into being after acceptance of an order by RANA is entitled to refuse orders without stating reason or to attach certain conditions to the delivery, unless explicitly stated otherwise. If an order is not accepted by RANA, RANA will notify this within five (5) working days after receipt of this order.


3.1 The method of shipment will be determined by RANA, unless otherwise agreed.

3.2 RANA is not liable for delays with the hired carrier (including PostNL and BPost)

3.3 Delivery times are always approximate and in no case can RANA be held liable for compensation of costs or damage due to exceeding delivery time.

3.4 Loss, breakage, theft or other damage during transport will be reimbursed by RANA if clear proof can be provided.

3.5 Products that are not in stock are not automatically sent. RANA will notify the buyer of this within five (5) working days. The buyer then has the option to cancel the order.


4.1 The prices quoted for the products and services offered by RANA on our website and shop (s) are in euros, excluding 21% VAT, excluding shipping costs.

4.2 For orders with a delivery address outside Belgium, rates of the regular mail are maintained.


5.1 Orders through the website can be paid in the following ways:

  • Transfer. This can be done to the following account number:
    IBAN: BE93 3631 5830 6767 in favor of RANA Hair Extensions.
    Stating your full name and the order number.
  • iDEAL
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro)
  • BanContact / MisterCash
  • PayPal

5.2 RANA can extend the payment options in the future. Other payment options will be made known via the website.

5.3 In order to ensure secure online payment and the security of your personal data, the transaction data is encrypted with SSL technology over the Internet. You do not need special software to pay with SSL. You can recognize a secure SSL connection at the “lock” in the bottom status bar of your browser.

5.4 If a payment term has been agreed by RANA, the Buyer will be in default by the mere expiry of this period. Payment terms can only be agreed in writing under terms and conditions to be determined and agreed upon.

5.5 If a payment with credit card is chosen, the conditions of the relevant card issuer apply. RANA is not a party in the relationship between the Buyer and the card issuer.

5.6 In the event of late or non-timely payment by the Buyer, the Buyer will owe interest on the outstanding amount at the statutory interest rate, counting from the day on which the payment should have taken place until the day of the payment. overall satisfaction.

5.7 At the expense of the Buyer are all (extra) judicial costs of whatever nature, which RANA, as a result of the non-performance by the Buyer of its (payment) obligations, has to to make.

5.8 In the event of overdue payment, RANA is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect or to suspend (further) delivery until the moment the Buyer has fully complied with the payment obligations, the payment of interest due and costs included.

5.9 An online order must be paid before delivery (unless otherwise agreed).


6.1 If there is a consumer purchase, in accordance with the Distance Selling Act (Section 7: 5 Dutch Civil Code), the customer has the right to (part of) the delivered goods within a period of 14 (fourteen ) return working days without giving any reason. This period starts at the moment the ordered items are delivered. If the customer has not returned RANA after the expiry of this period, the purchase is a fact.

6.2 The customer is obliged, before proceeding to return, within the period of 14 (fourteen) working days after delivery in writing to RANA

6.3 The customer must prove that the delivered goods have been returned on time, for example by means of proof of mail delivery.

6.4 Return of the goods must be in the original packaging (including accessories and accompanying documentation) and in 100% mint condition. This means that the seal of the packaging is not broken, damaged, re-sealed, etc.

6.5 If the goods have been used, encumbered or damaged in any way, the right to dissolution within the meaning of this article will lapse.

6.6 The right of withdrawal does not apply to:
a. services whose performance, with the consent of the consumer, has started for the period of fourteen (14) working days;
b. goods or services whose price is subject to fluctuations on the financial market, on which the supplier has no influence;
c. goods manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications, for example tailor-made products, or which have a clearly personal character;
d. for goods or services which by their nature can not be returned, for example i.v. hygiene or that can quickly deteriorate or age;
e. audio and video recordings and computer software of which the consumer has broken the seal;
f. the delivery of newspapers and magazines; for the services of betting and lotteries;
g. for goods ordered from the manufacturer especially for the consumer;
h. for goods that have been processed at the request of or by the consumer.

6.7 The return is at the buyer’s own risk. We therefore recommend that you always do this by registered mail.

6.8 The buyer is obliged to check whether the delivered items meet the order. Any deviation in colors, textures and / or models, as far as acceptable can not be returned or exchanged. If this is not the case, the buyer must notify RANA within fourteen (14) days of delivery by e-mail stating the name of the buyer, the order number and a clear explanation of why the article does not comply. RANA will replace the item or cancel the payment if it is shown that the item is not accepted for valid reasons. If no defect is reported within this period, any claim against RANA in respect of any defect will lapse.

6.9 RANA can never be held responsible for damage caused by incorrect shipments with incorrect items.

6.10 RANA reserves the right to change prices, packaging, content of packaging, models and colors at any time.

6.11 A return shipment will only be exchanged once it has been received and approved by RANA.


7.1 Complaints about quality must be stated in writing (e-mail) within fourteen (14) days of purchase with a clear statement of the complaint. If no defect is reported within this period, any claim towards RANA in respect of any defect will lapse.

7.2 RANA will only process the complaint from the official buyer, as known in the customer file.

7.3 The buyer is obliged to cooperate fully with RANA which is necessary to resolve the complaint in all reasonableness.

7.4 In order to handle the complaint, all products / hair extensions must be returned within fourteen (14) days of receipt. Products that are not returned within this period will not be eligible for complaint handling.

7.5 If there is doubt about the product during treatment, the treatment should be discontinued immediately and contact with RANA should be included.

7.6 Products that have already been chemically treated are not eligible for complaint handling.

7.7 The chemical treatment (including dyeing, perming, etc.) of the hair is always at the purchaser’s own risk.

7.8 RANA does not guarantee the wrong color and / or texture choice of the customer.

7.9 RANA does not guarantee a fastening system that is not perceived as pleasant by the side.

7.10 RANA does not guarantee improper use and / or care of the purchased products.

7.11 RANA is not liable for the work of third parties.

7.12 Return shipment does not guarantee compensation.

7.13 A fee consists solely of the same product as the purchased product and not in a reimbursement of money or costs incurred by third parties. If a product is no longer in stock, a voucher will be created with an equal value of the purchased product. This voucher can be freely used in the RANA web shop

7.14 There is no correspondence about rejected complaints.


8.1 A number of conditions apply to our guarantee:

  • We give a 3 month guarantee on the quality of RANA Hairextensions.
  • This guarantee only applies if the products of RANA Hair Care have been used. The warranty will be void if all other care products are used. More information about maintenance of your hair extensions can be found on our website under care advice.
  • The warranty applies only to the hair extensions of RANA. The warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer apply to all other products and brands.
  • Returned hair extensions are always first examined in the factory’s laboratory. If it shows that the hair has not been used correctly, has not been properly maintained and that the correct (care) products have not always been used, this is beyond the provided guarantee.
  • Hair extensions that have been dyed or chemically treated are not covered under warranty.
  • In case of damage caused by improper use or incorrect (electrical) equipment, the warranty will be void.
  • We only reimburse the hair extensions, never the work that the hairdresser / client has had with the extensions in and out of the hair (if the complaint is well-founded).
  • We only reimburse the hair that actually returns (if the complaint is well-founded).
  • Only after the products on which the complaint exists are received, checked and tested in the laboratory, it will be reimbursed (if the complaint is well-founded).
  • Shipping costs are never reimbursed.
  • RANA never reimburses hair extensions that have not been used correctly or if you are not satisfied with them. If this is unlikely to happen, then you should turn to the person who has used the extensions.
  • The term for this Warranty is 30 days after we have sent the package.
  • This warranty applies to products that do not meet the quality requirements set by RANA. This does not apply to products that you want to exchange and / or


9.1 The following rules apply to all returns:

  • Send an e-mail to info@ranahair.com stating your name, invoice number and the reason for return .
  • In the case of a new product, the item must be returned within fourteen (14) days after the day on which you have contacted RANA regarding the return shipment.
  • With a new product the seal may not be broken.
  • With a new product the packaging must be intact.
  • Costs for return shipments are for the buyer unless an incorrect delivery has been made by RANA.
  • Not sending registered return is at the risk of the buyer.
  • RANA is not responsible for the loss or delay of a return shipment.
  • Insufficient stamped or unpanked returns are not accepted by RANA.
  • The buyer must package the items in such a way that damage is avoided.


10.1 The ownership of delivered products is only transferred when all payments have been paid by the buyer to RANA.


11.1 The buyer must indemnify RANA against all liability that may rest on RANA towards third parties with regard to the goods delivered by RANA.

11.2 In some scientific publications, it seems that hair extensions may cause damage to their own hair and scalp. However, these claims have been contradicted in other publications, whereby it is also clearly indicated that, if damage is involved, this may also be the result of inexpert use of the hair extensions. There is no clear scientific report available about the possible damage caused by hair extensions and / or improper use of hair extensions.

11.3 In addition to the above, however, RANA explicitly can not be held responsible or liable in any way for any form of damage, including physical or psychological, which may result from the use of hair extensions.

11.4 The use of hair extensions and / or accessories thereof, supplied by RANA, is entirely at your own risk.

11.5 RANA is not responsible for the work of third parties, including but not limited to the processing of products delivered by RANA.


12.1 When you make a reservation in the RANA-Studio you will always be asked to pay an advance. As soon as this advance has been received, the appointment has been definitively confirmed.

12.2 In case of cancellation less than 3 working days before the treatment is planned, 50% of the treatment costs will be charged. In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before the treatment is planned, and also if the client does not show up (no-show), 100% of the treatment costs will be charged. In case of earlier cancellation, € 15 file costs will be charged.

12.3 All treatments must be paid immediately, unless explicitly stipulated otherwise in writing. On the due date of unpaid invoices, these will automatically raise 15% per annum without prior notice, with a minimum of € 25.00.

12.4 A reservation request from the customer must always be confirmed by RANA.


13.1 In case of disputes, the court of the place of our establishment, or at our discretion, is competent.


14.1 All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the RANA websites may not be copied without permission.