Rana Hair Extensions

12.12.2016 – by An-Katrien

A good month ago, I went to RANA Hair Extensions for my very first hair extensions.
I wanted to try out extensions a while ago, because my hair has really suffered from coloring last winter. I lost a lot of hair back then. I didn’t really want more lenght, but I did want more volume.

That’s why I went to RANA Hair Extensions for some advice. I always had these mixed feelings about hair extensions. I always wanted to try them, but on the ohter hand I thought “my hair will be tangled all the time, I will feel the extensions hanging in my hair and I don’t need them”.

I told them my store about the coloring and the damage my hair had gotten into, and they immediately told me not to take keratine extensions because your hair gets tangled faster with those kind of extensions and that's why it can break off faster. I was surprised about their honest advice. They also had a very good look at my hair and its quality and we decided which extensions would be the best together.

Afterwards they asked me if I wanted an appointment to get them placed. So the whole advice part was totally free. Which I can appreciate a lot.

Eventually, I decided to pick "strips" for my hair, which are attached with little rings. I must admit I was a little bit nervous about having them placed. I didn't know how it would feel, how I had to take care of them,...

I was sooooo happy with the results after I had my extensions placed. I actually had lots of hair again! In the beginning, it does feel kind of weird. You really feel the extra hair "hanging". It also started itching for a while. Of course, it's something new and your body needs the time to adjust. After a few days, the feeling totally went away and I don't even feel like I have something extra "hanging" anymore.
What I totally love is that my curls stay that much longer! I can really keep them for 3-4 days and before it was around 1-2 days.

I also get a lot of compliments from people. Most of the time they tell me you really can't see I'm wearing extensions. And of course, that's why we all want them...
(But secretly, we all know that one girl that obviously got them hanging)

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